Experience and reputation is valued in every industry and the retail food is no exception. It has been over a decade since Brown Tree was first started by M. Rakesh Kumar and M. Dinesh Kumar on 12 th July 2009 and have earned their way to the top by earning a well deserved reputation of providing the best quality of health products.

Browntree has a vast presence in Chennai with over 20 stores and still counting! Choices from an array of national and international range of products in dry fruits, chocolates, biscuits, spices, teas, organic food, diet snacks and much more, offered to every customer for every

Now have the best service and quality products for your perfect day! Browntree has started providing catering services for all occasions since 2014 with a varied and delicious menu for foodies everywhere.

Who doesn’t love a tasty desert at the end of the meal? Our pure vegetarian bakery that offers wide variety of cakes, cookies, pudding, mousse, donuts, breads and much more has been a favourite since 2016 when it was first opened.

We have grown over the years with the support of our wonderful customers and with every new venture Brown Tree shows it’s loyalty to it’s customers by making service and quality of products our top priority always .

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